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The idea of BF. Cape, the hairdressing cape designed for breastfeeding, came about in 2020, when my youngest daughter Cleo was a new-born. Every mum with a new baby knows how hard it can be to feel great and look nice in the first 3 months after baby is born.

I nervously booked a hair appointment at my local hair salon knowing I didn’t have anyone to take care of Cleo. At this stage it was hard for her to be away from me longer than 2 hours as I would have to breastfeed her in that time. I decided to bite the bullet and bring her along to my appointment as that presented as my only option.

Before arriving at my appointment I was worried as I had begun thinking about having to feed her a possible 1 or 2 times, who would be there and how I would manage using a normal hairdressing cape.

By the time of the appointment, I had worked myself into an anxious sweat as I was naturally a bit nervous. Mid way through my colour Cleo woke from her sleep and demanded a feed, I picked her up out of her pram placed her under the hot cape and proceeded to breastfeed her – she made it known that she was hot and bothered as she grizzled quite a lot making me uncomfortable as well.

Instantly I thought surely there has to be a better way! I inquired to my hairdresser if the salon had any ‘breastfeeding capes for Mums’. She paused to look at me strangely, then shook her head and continued with colouring my hair.

As I sat there feeding Cleo, I could not shake the feeling that there had to be a better way to breastfeed while at the hairdressers that allows both Mum and Bub to be more comfortable. Surely the internet would have something so I began my search for ‘breastfeeding hairdressing capes’ and I couldn’t find anything, nothing at all – so I tried searching in more depth and still nothing suitable appeared.

It was at this time I had a ‘light bulb’ moment, my belly had butterflies and I knew I was onto something as there was a huge gap in the market.

Once I was finished at the hairdressers I went home and printed off breastfeeding design tops and styles and created the breastfeeding hairdressing cape. Shortly after I contacted an invention company – and that’s where BF. Cape came alive!

Tahlia and Cleo

Tahlia and Cleo

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